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It takes creativity to find the perfect mix. That’s why the Alesis mixers come complete with advanced FireWire/USB connectivity, built-in digital effects, and inputs & outputs. Available in several different configurations, with varying levels of functionality, Alesis mixers are perfect for any audio mixing situation. With so much mixing power built in and ready to go, it has never been easier to set up and dial in your sound. With Alesis mixers, you can spend less time thinking about the gear and more time finding that perfect sound.

Speakers for Classroom:

bx5adeluxe_v2008.jpg M-Audio's BX5a Deluxe around $299

index_main-rokit.jpg KRK Rokit Powered 5 for $149.50
m1active520_angle_sm.jpgM1 Active 520{{ }} for $199
m1activemk2_front_sm.jpgM1 Active MkII for $199