Groovy Shortcuts

  1. Teacher Preferences: Shift+Control+T (This brings up the screen that allows to you turn on and off certain buttons and items.) Groovy_1234.png
  2. To move around to various letters of the lessons: Shift+Control+the letter on the screen Groovy1.png
  3. To bring up all of the bonuses in Groovy Jungle and Groovy City: Shift+Control+"Bonus": Bonus.png
  4. To create a new song: Click the star button star.png
  5. To create a new song and to be able to choose the key, mode, time signature, and library: Hold down the option key (MAC)/alt key (PC) and click on the star button star.png. You will get this screen: Song.png
  6. To save as a midi file: Press the option key(MAC)/alt key (PC) and click on the disc icon.