Day 1 - Internet and Software

Powerpoints from today:

Software Applications used in Class:

  • Sibelius's Groovy Music Series
    • Shapes (grades K-2): In Groovy Shapes , the first of the three programs, children learn about basic music concepts. The Explore section guides them aurally through a series of progressive exercises which teach them how music works. They can then put into practice what they’ve learned by creating their own music in the Create section.
    • Jungle (grades 2-5): Groovy Jungle introduces children to notes and notation, ostinato, major and minor, and simple musical terms. More complex musical textures are explored, and additional instruments allow them to experiment further with their own compositions.
    • City (grades 5-8): In the third program, children learn more about notation, and complete more complex listening tasks. They are also introduced to question and answer phrases and the blues scale, so that they can begin to build up more sophisticated compositions.
    • Resources:
  • Harmonic Vision's Music Ace Maestro: Combines the 48 lessons of Music Ace and Music Ace 2 into a single product. Topics covered are:
    • the staff
    • ear training
    • pitch recognition
    • scales
    • rhythm
    • tempo
    • melody
    • harmony
  • Morton Subotnick's World of Music: Children can finally learn the basics of musical composition at their own pace. It's as easy and natural as finger-painting. After drawing notes on the screen, kids can manipulate them any way they wish. Learn about 16 instruments from their sounds and shapes, check out the melody and rhythm maker, and choose from a variety of games and activities guaranteed to make learning the basics of music fun and easy.
  • O-Generator Learning to compose - O-Generator Learning to Compose uses Rock, Pop and Dance styles to explore the fundamentals of music and composition by manipulating individual sounds.
  • Sibelius Starclass - Guides you through 180 exciting, ready-to-use lesson plans which support MENC and QCA standards. Starclass includes full explanations of musical concepts for non-specialist teachers, hundreds of music clips and printable pictures, and an audio CD to play in class.
  • Sibelius Auralia - With 41 topics, Auralia is by far the most comprehensive ear training package! Auralia's drill based teaching is a fun and easy way to use your computer for ear training.
  • Sibelius Instruments - Sibelius Instruments is the unique interactive encyclopedia of instruments, bands, orchestras and ensembles.
  • Sibelius Compass - Sibelius Compass is a unique program to help students learn how to compose. It includes lessons, worksheets and self-tests covering a wide range of topics, leading on to complete composition projects.
  • Alfred's Interactive Musician - The program features three unique sections–Pitch Training, Sight-Reading and Rhythm–and is designed to enhance your recognition of intervals, chords and scales, improve your ability to sight-read, and prepare you for various types of rhythms.
Educational Music Websites: